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We at InnerSun Center invite you to come and experience our multi faceted healing programs which focus on all levels of health.


The cornerstone of our programs is to give you the space to reconnect with your true nature and natural rhythm.


We work with the understanding that you are a unique being and so are your needs and desires. This understanding also applies to the groups who visit us and forms the basis for all our offerings.


We are here to support you to feel spiritually nourished and revitalized.


Nestled in natural scenic surroundings the center is designed to assist you to experience a different perspective of yourself.


We specialize in organic seasonal fresh food from the garden and healthy delicious meals. A natural spring on the property supplies curative water for drinking, washing and swimming. At this stage we offer basic accommodation at the center and there is a wide range of accommodation near by.


To support your physical well-being activities such as hiking, biking and surfing are also offered.


Our work with the healing elements of nature reconnect you to your inner light.


Our clients report returning to life feeling renewed and recharged.


Are you ready to have an experience that will change your life? Contact us today and together we will explore your dream retreat.

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